Our research activities are diversified and encompass all mentioned areas of research. We are involved in EU projects, projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (MPO), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences (GA AV), etc. We also deal with orders from our industrial partners and we are involved on educational projects. Our major projects currently solved are listed below.

EU projects

MIT (Ministry of Industry and Trade) projects

  • Novel Mechatronic Structures MEMS for Pressure Measurement,
  • An Intelligent Platform for Wireless Communication
  • An Automated Inventory System
  • Universal and Complex Authentication and Authorization for Fixed and Mobile Computer Networks
  • Novel Technologies for Integrated Circuits Chips Bonding and Development of a Measuring System for Reliability Analysis
  • Technology of Thermodynamic Balance Monitoring Using Balance Sensors and Applications

MEYS (The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) projects

  • New Trends in Microelectronic Systems and Nanotechnologies

GA ČR (Czech Science Foundation) and AV (Academy of Sciences) projects

  • Research and Development of Digitally Tunable Integrated Circuits Operating in Mixed Mode
  • Signal Digitization Methods for Modern Sensors
  • Miniaturized Intelligent Systems and Nanostructured Electrodes for Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Novel Constructions and Utilization of Nanobiosensors and Nanosensors in Medicine
  • Modern Technologies for Electronic Systems Development and Innovations
  • Development of Microelectronic Mount Technologies for 3D Circuits and Systems
  • Development of Multichip and Multisubstrate Modules for Microelectronic Circuits
  • Research and Development of Novel Soldering Principles for Increased Reliability of Lead-Free Soldered Contacts
  • Reliability of Lead-free Solders and Optimization of Soldering in Microelectronics