Modern technology of electronic circuits and systems (MMTE)

  • Optional course
  • 6 credits


The subject is focused on description of modern microelectronic technologies and implemented components, circuits and systems. A special position has packaging, closely related with integration of semiconductor chips. The basic technologies for manufacture of components, circuits and functional blocks used to design and produce modern electronic systems are described. The principles of individual components are outlined as well as their exploitation, including basic integration principles. Modern electronic systems are based on components, and also on processing technologies such as bonding and packaging. A managerial approach is offered, quality assurance, reliability and ecological views are considered.



The students will learn to decide about the design, manufacture and construction of modern electronic circuits and systems, from the viewpoint of technology integration. They will learn how to use modern hardware. The content of the subject is targeted at all specializations.



The partial technological processes, including lead-free soldering, applied in modern microelectronics are described and demostrated. Each student will design their own integrated circuit on the principle of surface mount technology. Laboratory work includes process verification in practice. The thick-layer passive grids, contacting of semiconductor chips and modern packaging methods including soldering are also studied.