Modelling and simulation in microelectronics (MMSI)

  • Supervisor: Ing. Jaroslav Kadlec, Ph.D.
  • Types of tuition: 26 lectures – 39 exercises
  • Web:
  • Obligatory course
  • 6 credits


Modelling and analysis of electronic circuits and microelectronic structures and simulation programs SNAP and OrCadPSpice. Significance and utilization of various types of analyses. Individual projects.


Instruction will cover advanced modelling of analog, digital and mixed circuits based on advanced analyses. Simulation of electronic circuits behaviour is a fundamental task in computer analysis. Computer modelling of the behaviour of an electronic device or component makes the design and implementation more effective. Verification of input parameters for various operating conditions reduces the cost of testing and provide information on the characteristics of the studied circuitry. Simulation accuracy depends on description of electronic circuits by models of utilized components.



The students will learn to use the tools of the program package Cadence OrCAD. They will focus on modelling of analog and digital components, preparing schematics and setting parameters for analysis, advanced analysis, behavioral modelling, optimization and common causes of errors in simulation, a project simulating and custom component behaviour.