Construction and technology of electronic devices (MKTE)

  • Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Vladislav Musil, CSc.
  • Types of tuition: 26 lectures – 26 computer exercises
  • Optional course
  • 5 credits


Modern principles of electrical and mechanical construction of electronic devices and systems with focus on automated design systems with regard to hazards encountered at all stages - design, production and operation.


Focus on advanced requirements for electronic devices and systems. Selection of components and recommendations for applications – discrete elements, operational amplifiers, comparators, electronic switches, A/D and D/A converters, sample and hold stages, digital circuits and microprocessors are presented in a wider context. The students will learn to reveal problems encountered in the process of design including electronic devices reliability, and technical diagnostics. Such an approach enables them to predict potential hazard conditions and prevent them in the production process and in operation. They will develop application skills through construction of electronic devices, which would otherwise require years of practice.



Computer exercises are focused on simulation programs for design and analysis of electronic systems. Demonstration tasks and individual projects are included.