Digital Integrated Circuits (MDIS)

  • Obligatory course
  • 5 credits


The course deals with bonding and functioning of basic types of digital integrated circuits. Tuition is also focused on combinatory, sequential and programmable digital systems.


The students will be taught to understand the essence of digital technology, particularly transmission, shaping and delay of pulse signals, electronic switches, the basic line of digital circuits (TTL, CMOS), combinatory and sequential logical circuits, programmable digital circuits (CPLD, FPGA), implementation and verification of logical circuits functioning in CPLD, simulation in the design environment XILINX ISE (hazardous states, signal delay).



The students will be provided with skills needed for work in an electrotechnical laboratory, measurement of digital signals and work in the design environment XILINX ISE. They will practise logical circuits connection on evaluation boards with CPLD and FPGA circuits and testing.