Analog Integrated Circuits (MAIO)

  • Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Jiří Háze, Ph.D.
  • Types of tuition: 26 lectures – 26 laboratories
  • Obligatory course
  • 5 credits


The course is focused the state-of-the-art and future of analog integrated circuits in bipolar and unipolar technologies. The basic circuit principles universally applicable to all sophisticated systems will be explained. Also involved in tuition is a specialist from the company ON Semiconductor. This way tuition is aligned with the real needs of a company dealing with integrated circuits design.


Master students will be provided with a deeper knowledge of analog integrated circuits and systems, their design, simulation and use in practice. The syllabus covers the study areas listed below:

  • current mirrors
  • differential amplifiers
  • reference circuits
  • operational amplifiers and applications, etc.



The students will develop skills required for work in the design laboratory ON Semiconductor. They will use the simulation program OrCadPSpice for design and simulation of previously designed integrated circuits with calculated parameters. Laboratory work is targeted at applications with outputs useful in practice.