Design and Technology of Electronic Devices (BNKP)

  • Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Vladislav Musil, CSc.
  • Types of tuition: 26 lectures – 13 exercises – 13 computer exercises
  • Optional course
  • 5 credits


The course provides instruction on the process and electrical and mechanical basics of electronic devices design in conditions of an industrial company.


Design and construction of electronic devices and introduction into production. Application of legal and technical standards and preparing materials for elaboration of such standards. Electromagnetic compatibility. Electrical construction, selection of components, application rules, circuit solutions, parasitic bonds and transfers, recommendations. Mechanical construction, design, printed circuits design, cooling. Reliability of electronic devices. Technical diagnostics. Safety regulations for construction of electronic devices.

Exercises will include work on partial projects. The students will be required to design selected operational blocks such as power sources and cooling systems.



Computer exercises are focused on analysis of parameters of analog and digital circuits to be respected in electronic devices design. The simulation program NI Multisim 10.1 National Instruments is mainly used for this purpose.