Microelectronics and Mount Technology (BMTS)

  • Obligatory course
  • 6 credits


The subject deals with the basic principles of the design, construction and manufacturing of electronic components, circuits and systems in general. The students will study the principles and basics of individual components and their utilization including integration principles, description of design and manufacturing of components, technological processes including packaging and bonding. Instruction is focused on electronic manufacturing processes (construction design, deposition of thick and thin layers, lead-free soldering, mounting) in the context of market economy – including the fundamental aspects of quality assurance and environment-friendly approach. The broader context is understanding the fundamental managerial principles of organizing the design and manufacturing process to be able to respond to the demands of industry and market. The students will obtain knowledge related to quality assurance, reliability and ecological approach.



The students will learn to comprehend the changed approach to design, manufacturing, operation and repair of modern electronic circuits and systems, based on the principle of technological integration. They will be instructed in modern hardware for electronic circuits and systems. The course is designed for a wide range of specializations.



The students will be required to create their own electronic circuit schematics, topological design and perform calculation for a thick-layer hybrid integrated circuits with bare chips (COB) on a ceramic substrate – partial implementation stages. An ecological design – product analysis (electric kettle, computer mouse) and evaluation of hazardous materials.