Micromechanical Systems (BMMS)

  • Optional course
  • 5 credits


The course is focused on the principles of scanning physical and chemical properties, principles of functioning and construction of microsensors and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS).


The students will learn construction principles for parametric (resistivity, capacity, inductivity) generator (based on materials phenomena), semiconductor and optical microsensors for measuring of physical properties and their conversion into electric signal. Apart from the principles, it is necessary to study materials used in construction and their properties. The subject is also focused on microelectronic technologies (thin- and thick-layer, semiconductor) and details of microtooling in MEMS construction. The specialized sensors, mainly chemical sensors (electrochemical, gas, surface plasmon, chemical luminescence, etc.) and biosensors are included as well. An application of nanotechnology is studied in connection with materials used for construction of chemical sensors.



Laboratory tasks are focused on determination of sensor parameters and characteristics, with a numerical exercise to practise design of layer sensors.