Digital circuits and microprocessors (BDOM)

  • Obligatory course
  • 7 credits


The course is focused on basic digital circuits, their logical functions and applications, design of digital circuits and systems, principles of microprocessors and microcontrollers, fundamentals of programming and design of microprocessor systems.


The Bachelor students will develop knowledge of digital circuits and systems, design, simulation and utilization in digital technology. The syllabus will cover the following issues:

  • coded systems for digital circuits
  • logical functions and implementation, minimization
  • programmable logical circuits CPLD and practical applications
  • fundamentals of programming for microcontrollers
  • microcontrollers programming, langure of symbolic addresses , interrupt systems



The students will develop skills needed for work in an electrotechnical laboratory and digital signal measurement. They will learn to use microcontrollers PIC and CPLD circuits Xilinx for implementation of logical circuits connections.