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Advanced Level Study Programme in Electronic Design and Integration Technologies

Curriculum Development Programme (Erasmus): Advanced Level Study Programme in Electronic Design and Integration Technologies

To stay a competitive region in the world, combined efforts towards sharing expertise in the field of advanced electronic design (analogue and RF design, digital data processing) and advanced integration technologies is a becoming a necessity. Master students in electronics and related fields are confronted with an international working area and to incorporate this facet during their last year of studies will broaden their opportunities and language skills.

A synergy between three participating institutes and four faculties, and the joint effort to develop a common programme, will allow the consortium to deal with the fast changing methodologies in electronic design and related fields. Infrastructure costs to support the teaching of certain advanced modules are considerable and European Programmes such as Europractice provide support on design tools and access towards integration technologies e.g. CMOS, BICMOS …

The proposed programme to be realised at each university institute is based on a structure of modules at a different level:

  • home specific basic modules

  • remote introductory modules

  • remote and home specific advanced modules

  • project work

Target group for the programme are bachelor students + 60 ECTS who have to select at least 10 credits from a partner institute. 

 Assessment of the re-mote modules which are available for all students in the consortium and for external students will be done by each partner institute and a common procedure on the assessment method will be established. Certification for the re-mote modules will be done by each partner institute.

According to the expertise and research skills of the staff, each institute will provide and support the possibility for a diploma project in close cooperation with industry for incoming students on mobility.

KHBO Coordinator: Renaat De Craemer ( contact: renaat.decraemer@khbo.be )

Partners: Brno University of Technology - University of Sofia - KHBO 

Project duration: 01/10/2006 – 31/03/2010

The project is funded by the European Community (Education Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency)

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