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Masaryk University in Brno

The foundation of Masaryk University on 28 January 1919, only three months after the creation of Czechoslovakia itself, marked the culmination of almost forty years of concerted efforts to establish a second Czech university in the Czech lands. Named after the country's first President, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, it soon developed into an internationally respected academic institution, noted for the dynamism of its four founding faculties - Law, Medicine, Arts and Science - and their openness to new ideas.
The promising development of the university was cut short first by the advent of the Second World War (when all Czech universities were closed by the Nazis) and then by the Communist coup in 1948, when it entered into its most difficult years. The Communist authorities closed down several faculties and, fully aware that TG. Masaryk remained a powerful symbol of independent leadership, even deprived the University of its Name, which was changed in 1960 to Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, in honour of the celebrated nineteenth-century Czech physiologist.
The democratic revolution of 1989 allowed Masaryk University to reclaim its rightful name, and to embark with renewed energy on its course of providing true leadership in higher education. In 1991 the university established the Faculty of Economics and Administration and in 1994 the Faculty of Informatics. In 1998 the School of Social Studies was launched, and in 2002 the Faculty of Sports Studies. Today Masaryk University comprises nine faculties with more than 190 departments, institutes and clinics, embracing a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and fields of research. Its 28,000 students make it the country's second largest higher educational institution as well as one of the fastest growing.


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Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Arts

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Faculty of Economics and Administration

Faculty of Informatics

School of Social Studies

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