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Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno was established in 1919; it is the oldest independent university of its kind in the Czech Republic.
The tradition of agricultural sciences at a university level dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, when instruction in agriculture and commerce was launched at the Philosophical College in Brno. Later, engineering sciences and agriculture became part of the Brno Technical University. Along with other subjects, the theory of agriculture, the management of estates and a comprehensive survey of forest sciences were offered at this institution.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, efforts to establish an agricultural university in Moravia were stepped up. In 1869, the Moravian deputies in the Parliament at Vienna submitted a proposal for the provision of agricultural education at the university level in Brno, but not until 1899 was a chair for agricultural sciences instituted at the Czech Technical University in Brno. Even after the constitution of the Czechoslovak Republic it was necessary to organize demonstrations in Brno calling for the establishment of an agricultural university, which it was felt was necessary in order to maintain the high standards of Moravian agriculture.
When the University of Agriculture was founded in 1919 it was housed in the building of the former Provinciallnstitute for the Blind. In the beginning, it had two main fields of study - commerce and forestry. Lectures for students in commerce began that same year and the first student in forestry was admitted in 1920. In the period between the two world wars the total numbers of students in both fields of study only ranged from about 90 to 290, and no more than around twenty students graduated each year.
During World War II all the Czech universities were closed, but the University of Agriculture resumed its activities immediately upon the cessation of hostilities, in May 1945. The original organizational structure of the university prevailed until 1952, when the commerce specialization was changed to agriculture and four agricultural specializations were introduced. The structure of the university and the faculties changed several times. The reorganization in 1959 brought the establishment of the new Faculty of Agricultural Economics and the Faculty of Agronomy, which included plant and animal production. In 1985, the horticultural specialization of the Faculty of Agronomy at Lednice in southern Moravia was transformed into the Faculty of Horticulture, the only faculty of its kind in the former Czechoslovakia.

The political changes in Czechoslovakia after November 1989 were naturally reflected in the life of the University of Agriculture in Brno. The primary tasks of this period were to change the number and structure of degree specializations, to reshape studies so as to produce more self-motivated and better-qualified graduates, and to devise curricula more closely related to the needs of the economy.
On 1 January 1995 the name of the university was changed to Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, in honour of the world-famous scientist who had made his ground-breaking discoveries in Brno.
ln the more than eighty years of its existence, the university has graduated nearly 20,000 agricultural engineers, more than 6,500 forest engineers and more than 5,000 economists. Currently the enrolment stands at more than 6,100 students.
As an important part of its activities, the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry also operates a botanical garden and arboretum in Brno, university farms in Lednice and Žabčice (both south of Brno), and an extensive forest at Křtiny, northeast of Brno.

Faculty of Agronomy

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

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Faculty of Horticulture

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