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Faculty of Military Technologies

The Faculty of Military Technologies educates and trains military professionals required by the Land Forces, Air Force and Logistics Component of the Army of the Czech Republic as well as experts in special industry technology and government administration personnel engaged in national defence tasks. Studies are offered in three degree programs, each with a number of fields of study, at the Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral levels.
The fields of study offered in the Military Technology - Electrical Engineering program are special communication systems, radar and electronic systems, command and control systems, special information technologies, avionics systems, rocket guidance and control, and meteorological service support.
A second degree program, Aircraft and Rocket Technology, includes four fields of study - military aircraft pilot, air traffic and aviation control, aircraft technology and rocket systems, and airfield maintenance.
Finally, Military Technology - Mechanical Engineering has four types of studies, in weapons and ammunition, military mobile equipment, engineering and construction mechanization, and material and industrial engineering.

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