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Defence University in Brno

The Defence University is a higher education institution with a new face and, at the same time, historical roots and traditions dating back long into the past. This military university was established in 2004 by a fusion of three independent military universities - the Military Academy of Brno, the Military University of the Ground Forces located in Vyškov and the Purkyně Military Medical Academy deployed in Hradec Králové. AII three schools were critical for the university-level education of the professional Czech Army officer corps.
The university is responsible for the education of military professionals and other experts engaged in national security and defence based on the requests of the Army of the Czech Republic, government administration and treaty commitments with other democratic countries. Thanks to the general university education they receive, the graduates of the university are fully qualified for careers both within and outside the military.
Education at the Defence University is based on the latest developments in military science, knowledge of current research and development both national and international in scope, and extensive research within the institution itself, with the aim of providing graduates with a broad range of skills that will ensure maximum applicability and career promotion under changing conditions. The training, specially tailored for the students - future professionals of the Czech Armed Forces - lays stress on the personality formation of leaders, technical commanding officers and surgeons, a high level of theoretical and practical preparedness as well as top physical condition, psychological endurance and language abilities.
The Defence University is a university-type establishment which, in accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1998, offers accredited studies in Bachelor's degree programs, Master's degree programs (both as first degrees, and as follow-up programs to Bachelor's degrees) and doctoral degree programs. Studies at the university run on a full-time or part-time basis, as well as through a combined approach.
The Defence University is a lifelong learning centre. It also offers non-accredited departmental training at the highest level in the form of courses for senior officers. This training is divided into command, staff and specialized courses.
The university is also open to civilian and international students.
The Defence University comprises three faculties - the Faculty of Economics and Military Management, the Faculty of Military Technologies and the Faculty of Military Medicine. It also has three university institutes, the Institute of Strategie Studies, the Institute of Operation and Tactical Studies and the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Weapons Defence Institute.
Research and development is an integral part of the Defence University's commitments. Students, primarily in doctoral degree programs, are deeply involved in research and development. Intensive international cooperation with the research and development community of NATO countries is considered a key priority for the future development of the university.
Faculty of Economics and Military Management
The faculty's primary mission is the education of military professionals - career officers for the Army of the Czech Republic - as qualified experts, trained in the military and social sciences, able to cope with the practical aspects of military life and carry out their irreplaceable role in supporting the nation's defence. In its degree programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral levels in Economics and Management, the faculty offers three major fields of study - military management, national defence economics and population protection.

Faculty of Military Technologies

Faculty of Military Medicine

International cooperation


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