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New design and exploiting nanobiosensors and nanosensors to target medicine (NANOSEMED)

Identification: GAAV KAN208130801 (NANOSEMED)
Project start: 2008.01.01
Project end: 2012.12.31

The aim of the proposed project is to develop new mono- or heterogeneous nanosystems for nanobiosensors and nanosensors that could be used to target medicine. On-line monitoring of physiological parameters as well as effects of treatment is becoming increasingly important due to the progress in medical technology. Investigating the effects of a disease treatment consists of determining of the level of glucose or cytostatics and other drugs or the rapid and simple analysis of biologically important proteins (p53, p21, metallothionein, glutathion etc.) and sequences of nucleic acids (gen for cystic fibrosis). Nanosensors and nanobiosensors using materials with unique physico-chemical properties can bring further progress in detection of biologically and clinically important proteins. Attention will be also paid to magnetic materials suitable for separation of such compounds. The proposed methods will enable easy and selective detection and separation of target bio-molecules and compound.

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