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AACVD reactor

Published : 2014
Autors: Dr. Stella Vallejos Vargas , doc. Ing. Jaromír Hubálek, Ph.D. , Ing. Jan Prášek, Ph.D. , Ing. Zdeněk Pytlíček, Ph.D.

Key words:
CVD reactor, metal oxides


The AACVD reactor was built to produce laboratory samples (2 x 2 cm) of  nanostructured metal oxide films from metal organic precursors.  The reactor can reach deposition temperatures up to 700 °C and it is designed to work with aerosol carrier flows between 0 and 500 sccm.


CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0072 (SIX) , 4SGA8678 (NanoApp)



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