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Published : 2013
Autors: Ing. Radim Hrdý, Ph.D. , doc. Ing. Jana Drbohlavová, Ph.D. , doc. Ing. Jaromír Hubálek, Ph.D.


The Array of the self-organized gold nanowires is primarily intended for the electrochemical detection of biological analytes especially proteins and nucleic acids having a thiol bond. The surface of gold exceeds at high affinity to amino and thiol functional groups, which enables a specific binding of detected analytes to the surface of the nanowires. The principle of  the measurement is monitoring of the changes (decreasing) of the surface impedance of gold nanostructures in comparison with the amount of bound analyte on the nanorods surface. The detection is performed using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and voltammetric techniques.

Gold nanotyčinky were fabricated via pulsed unipolar galvanic deposition onto silicon wafer with a nanostructured metallic tungsten layer through the hexagonally ordered nanoporous template of amorphous alumina. Geometrical parameters, the height and diameter are adjustable by the conditions as in the preparation of nanoporous template as well as galvanic deposition of gold


GAČR GA14-29531S



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