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Published : 2013
Autors: doc. Ing. Jana Drbohlavová, Ph.D. , Dr. Alexander Mozalev , Ing. Marek Bedlek , doc. Ing. Jaromír Hubálek, Ph.D.


An array of self-ordered gold nanodots is designed for in vitro optical detection of important biogenous analytes, like proteins and nucleic acids, via fluorescence spectroscopy. The surface of gold exceeds at high affinity to amino and thiol functional groups, which enables a specific binding of detected analytes onto the surface of optical transducer. The detection is based on the measurement of fluorescence intensity change in visible part of electromagnetic spectrum after analytes binding onto the gold nanodots surface.

Gold nanodots were fabricated via pulse unipolar galvanic deposition onto silicon wafer with nanostructured metal adhesion layer (Ti/W) through nanoporous alumina template. The size of gold nanodots is tunable by choice of suitable fabrication conditions during nanoporous template creation as well as during the gold deposition itself.


GAČR GA14-29531S , SoMoPro SIGA722 (AnoNaS)



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